(grades 4-6)
Paths For Electricity

This recently re-designed title features hands-on activities to show the difference between conductors and insulators, and how to keep out of electricity's way.  Supplied with activity kit (including 21 feet of copper wire and 8 flashlight bulbs) and optional classroom poster and website.

*Click here to learn about the Paths For Electricity website.
(grades 4-6)
Safe At Home

This popular title supports RP1162 gas safety education requirements, as well as national and state science, math and language arts standards.  It comes with an optional poster and website.

*Click here to learn about the Safe at Home website.
(grades K-2)
Mouse House Surprise

What happens when a storm knocks out the electric power for a family of mice? Children love animal stories; this one introduces them to the utility's role in providing reliable electric power, what we use it for, and how to use it safely.
(grades 2-4)
Sam and Jody Save the Circus

Students identify and write about hazardous situations involving a circus with animals as characters.  Supplied with an activity sheet of 12 stickers that help the students to correctly identify electrical hazards.
An Electrical Engineer Plans a Safe Outdoor Concert

While applying math skills, students learn about branch circuits, overloading, and the role of circuit breakers and fuses. From the Math at Work series.
  (grades 5-9)
Electric & Natural Gas Safety Education
The goal of electric and gas safety education is to help students recognize hazardous situations. To meet this goal, students must be shown these situations in a variety of ways over the course of several years. Teachers like the materials because they develop standards-based reading, writing, math skills using electric & gas safety as the content.
Leo Learns Electric Safety

Interactive video game technology is used to teach electric safety. Fun for all ages; skill level of game adjusts to grade of player.  The same CD plays on both Macs and PCs.
(grades K-12)
Video Game
Leo is one of our most popular characters.  He teaches children about natural gas and electrical safety through his adventures.
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