(grades K - 2)
Mouse House Surprise
Put your utility's name on this early reading title with its giant (17" by 22"), full-color storybook for teachers and take-home, student-size copies. Appealing to their love of stories and animals, Mouse House Surprise introduces young children to the concept of electricity through the tale of what happens to a family of mice when a storm knocks out their electric power. Young Sam and Jody, recurring characters in Enterprise for Education materials, discover that without electricity they can't turn on the television, the radio, the lights or other appliances they depend on. Mother and Father Mouse explain to Sam and Jody what electricity is, where it comes from and how the power company delivers it to their home. They watch as people from the power company repair the downed lines and as a result, develop a new appreciation for how electricity enhances our lives.

This unit employs the highly successful "big book/little book" technique for teaching reading. The teacher's copy is so large that students can see the words and pictures from their seats. The teacher uses this copy when reading the story to the class, acquainting them with the story and words. Students then form small teacher-led reading groups with their own, smaller copies. Ultimately, they take their books home to keep and read to parents or siblings. It may be the first book children read to their parents - a thrill for parents who can't help but appreciate the utility's sponsorship role. The back of the book has simple exercises that help children identify safe and non-safe behaviors regarding electricity.

Add this popular title to your library of communications resources today!

Comes with:
Teacher's big book (opens to 22" by 17"), 36 pp., full color.
Student booklet without parent guide (5 3/8" by 8 1/4"),
32 pp., full color. Price List A
Student booklet with parent guide (5 3/8" by 8 1/4" ),
36 pp., full color.

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Student booklet and parent guide also available in bilingual spanish/english edition.