(grades 2 - 4)
Sam and Jody Save The Circus
The circus is coming to town, and Sam and Jody (characters first introduced in Mouse House Surprise) are very excited. They watch as the animals put up the circus tents and get ready for opening night. But Sam and Jody notice that some of the animals are in danger of getting electric shocks.

This situation provides many opportunities for young students to apply what they know about electricity and its dangers, as well as opportunities for learning more electric safety "do's" and "don'ts."

The panorama-format color illustrations show various circus animals engaged in risky behavior both indoors and out. They're invited to identify each risk and put the appropriate sticker next to the animal breaking each safety rule. At the bottom of each page, the student writes what each animal is doing wrong. The students later turn the sheet over and find which hazards have been corrected and write a sentence describing the corrected hazard. They can also color the pictures of the positive behavior.

At the conclusion of the unit, students write a short story about how Sam and Jody saved the circus, and "publish" their stories by reading them to another class.

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*focused on Reading and Language Arts
Students select the appropriate sticker and place it next to the animal breaking a safety rule. They then write a description of each animal's unsafe behavior.
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