(grades K - 12)
Each CD contains 6 versions of the game, each version adapted for a particular range of grades.

One of the forms in which this title is available is the Classroom Pack. These contain three copies of the CD: one for the classroom and two that can be checked out by students for use at home with parents or siblings. Formative assessment of usability was conducted by the California State University, Long ELECTRIC SAFETY, GRADES K-12 & ADULT Beach, Center for Usability and Assessment. The program has been awarded the National Software Testing Laboratory's Multimedia Testing Seal.

Customized versions which display your company's name and logo in six places in the game and on the students' Certificates of Achievement are available for a surprisingly low additional cost. Show a copy of the Leo CD to your marketing department. They may well be interested in sharing the cost because of the community outreach potential. For example, a classroom pack in 1,000 classrooms could reach as many as 30,000 families each year.

Minimum System Requirements:

*CD-Rom / Interactive Video Game
Leo Learns Electric Safety
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