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(grades K - 2)
King Barkley's Almost Birthday Disaster
In the "Kingdom of Tails-n-Wings," all the animals must work together to use energy more thoughtfully, or King Barkley's birthday party will be a disaster.  This upbeat rhyming tale has two primary goals.  First, to help K - 2 students become aware of ways they and their families can use electricity more efficiently.  Second, to let children know they can make a difference.

King Barkley's Almost Birthday Disaster is a combination of spoken word narration with melodies that are sung to create a chorus, woven together over a continuous musical score.  The story culminates in a sing-along song that integrates and reinforces key conservation concepts.

The Song Book - The read-along, sing-along storybook is fully illustrated in a style appropriate for primary grade readers.  The 32-page, four-color student booklet includes in-class student activities and an at-home family activity.  A teacher's guide is provided as well.

CD Music Track - Each class set includes a compact disk with a fully orchestrated performance of the eleven-minute musical story.  The roles of the characters are sung by professional singers, a children's chorus sings the refrains and studio musicians perform the score.  In combination, the engaging character voices, upbeat music and catchy hooks underscore the story's twin themes - thoughtful use of energy and improving a home's energy efficiency.

School Assemblies - A media worthy musical school assembly is available as an option, as are endorsed TV announcements based on key conservation reminders in the King Barkley music track.

Comes with:
Song Book 32 pp., full color
Sing-along CD
Teacher's guide: 34 pp.

*Sing along program focused on Reading
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