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(grades 5 - 9)
Electricity Is In The News

Find out what a fast paced newsroom is like!  Students learn about newsroom jobs and electrical conservation through online research, writing and editing....just like a real reporter.
Efficiency Education
Titles from our efficiency library help students to understand the importance our natural resources and the role of efficiency for our future.  Students at different age levels can learn in different ways: CD read-along, sing-alongs and carefully crafted lesssons for younger students, and dollars and cents scenarios for older students.  All titles focus on building math, reading and writing skills.
"More and more stuff uses electricity.  What will happen to bills?  People are Concerned!"
                                    -The Chief Editor
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(grades 2 - 4)
King Barkley's Almost Birthday Disaster

Using the supplied King Barkley CD music track, students read along and sing along and learn important home energy conservation concepts.
(grades K - 2)
Using Our Resources Wisely

Simple vocabulary and abundant photographs introduce students to the wise use of renewable and nonrenewable resources, how recycling helps conserve forests and more efficient ways of using electricity.
(grades 2 - 3)
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The Treehouse Team Saves The Forest

This engaging title builds home energy efficiency awareness in young children and challenges them with analytical questions and simple math problems.
(grades 8 - 10)
Climate & Comfort

Tomorrow's energy customers take a hard look at America's diverse climate, learn about "heating degree days," and discuss what factors to consider in determining how much to spend when insulating their homes.  They also conduct a survey of their home's construction and learn how to apply caulking and weather stripping.

Student booklet: 16pp., full color.
Teacher's Guide: 8 pp.
(grades 6 - 9)
Efficiency of Electric Appliances

Student's become budget-conscious consumers when they study the economic impact of replacing incandescent lamps with fluorescent ones.  They also learn to interpret the Energy Guide labels on appliances.

Student booklet: 8pp., full color.
Teacher's Guide: 4 pp.