(grades 4 - 6)
Students' and teachers' interests in renewable energy sources provide a stimulus for activities that clarify the nature of electricity and the process of generating it. Students build their own galvanometers to detect small electric currents. Working in groups and using patterns provided in the booklet, they construct wind turbines (from construction paper) or water turbines (from milk cartons), connect them to a generator, and detect the electricity produced. Experiments with a photovoltaic cell are also suggested.

This hands-on unit is an excellent complement to our Generating Electricity and Energy Transformations titles. The thoughtful Teacher's Guide gives a complete overview of the activities and makes suggestions for introducing different subjects into the curriculum. Kits with both print materials and hard-to-find lab activity supplies are available.

Comes With:
Student booklet: 16 pp., full color. Price List A
Teacher's guide: 8 pp.

Kit of supplies:
1 photovoltaic cell
1 generator with connector
40' of 26-gauge magnet wire
31 pins, sandpaper magnet
4 plastic portion cups
22 bamboo skewers
5 10d common nails
1 pair of test leads
12 dished sequins
20 12mm wooden beads.

Electricity From Water, Wind & Sunlight
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