Energy Transformations
(grades 4 - 9)

The hands-on science activities in this colorful booklet teach students about the many kinds of energy all around them. They learn that while energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is often transformed from one form into another. Exercises include building a light bulb to change chemical energy into light and heat, and building an electric motor using a magnet, copper wire, paper clips, cardboard, and other common household items.

Comes with: Student booklet: 8 pp., full color.
                          Teacher's guide: 4 pp.
                          Hard-to-find nichrome wire
                          for the light bulb filament.

Generating Electricity
(grades 5 - 9)

Another Skill Builder title that teaches important concepts through simple, hands-on experiments. This title reviews magnetism, introduces electromagnetism, and includes directions for construction of a working electric generator out of bell wire and a bar magnet. Students learn about Michael Faraday, the greatest experimental scientist of the 19th century.

Comes with: Student booklet: 8 pp., full color, opens to 10 3/4"
                          Teacher's guide: 4 pp.

Measuring Helps an Electrician Wire an Apartment Building
(grades 4 - 6)

An electrician is hired to wire a new apartment house. How much wire will he need? How many circuits will each apartment have - and just what is a circuit, anyway?  Written for upper elementary students, this Math at Work title focuses on linear measurement, computation skills and the development of spatial awareness. Students work right alongside the electrician, deciding how many circuits each apartment needs, laying out the circuits on a floor plan, and multiplying to find out how much wire will be needed for the entire building.

Comes with: Student booklet: 8 pp., full color, opens to 10 3/4" by 33".
                          Teacher's guide:2 pp.
Working with Energy Graphs
(grades 7 - 10)

By studying energy data in the form of bar graphs and flow charts, students gain a greater understanding of the role of energy in our society. They also get the opportunity to develop their own graphing skills.

Comes with: Student booklet: 8 pp., full color
                          Teacher's guide:4 pp.
Fundamentals Of Electricity
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